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Flipped Review

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Review: Flipped
By Dewi Hajar Kunarso

Love always be an unfinished topic to discuss. There’s so many kind of –what people say –love. There’s so many kind about the way to get love too. And Rob Reiner makes some delicious one, Flipped, release on August 27, 2010  which is adapted from the book by Wendelin Van Draanen.
The story is about the young girl named Juli Baker (Madeline Carroll) who fall in love at the first sight with a young boy named Bryce Loski (Callan McAuliffe). This is happen before entering  the second grade. Bryce’s family move to in front of Juli’s house. At  the first sight, Juli flipped. There is something bright in his eyes. But, Bryce didn’t feel at the same way. Bryce reject s Juli completely, never embracing her love, and actively trying to get rid of her. Until the eighth grade, everything begins to change. Bryce begins to see Juli in a way that he’s never seen before. But, his change of  feeling may have come too late.
My hearth also flipped at the same time with this film. The story is common, but the innocent and the spirit of young girl’s love may have make this film more sweet to watch. So simple right? The naturally action of the actor also give the soul to this film. Perfect.
In other side, Flipped film have someting to criticize. The plot of the story is little make confuse.
This is romence comedy that I recommended to all of you. So simple, natural, and smooth. Love is unbalance emotion, but you need love to balance your life.

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