Sunday, March 10, 2013



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you can respons whatever you want to this posting.
i dont even care about it.

oh yeah, this is specially for you.
who always in my mind. actually im just write some "heart" in this letter  posting. you may read for this one. and i hope u understand.

okey lets for the first topic.
do u know why i'm easy to get mad lately?
i dunno for the real, but i think that's come because of the fearness to get lose of you.
that's the usualy reason. u can consider whatever you like.
but that's the truth.
sometimes my heart be my close friend. but somethimes, it was my scary friend. im affaid if you'll hate me for that damn thing.
try to make that one becomes tame? i already try it. but never be a pride result.
be honest, im the damn thing that come to you.

sometimes, one thinks come close to me.
im not beautiful, fat, unstable emotion, not respect like another girlfriend.
i hope you know what i mean. im very affraid.
i always bealive in you. i always think that you'll never leave me.
this fearness one make me like a dump.

i know you always try to smile in front of me. not telling your problems. not telling your anger.
i know you always be patient to face me. just in case, i always be the culprit.
this posting little make me realife.
not like the story, this is the real world.
i hope u response this one.


  1. im dead now. -.-
    what about ur response? text in message please.